Bin95 Case Study

Customer's Testimonial.

"We did an AB test of Video Scribe Drawings and another video scribe company, giving both companies the same PLC-PAC project. Then put both videos on our YouTube channel and the Video Scribe Drawings company version received twice the hits as the other company’s version. At 9250 views, I think that goes a long way towards showing their professionalism and quality work."
Don Fitchett

Explainer video script:

Once there was a personal computer, we'll call her PC, who worked very closely with PLC, who was a Programmable Logic Controller.  His job was to control the operations of a large manufacturing plant. Working side by side for years the 2 were inseparable. They became dependent on each other.
Soon, PC and PLC fell in love and were married by Automation Vendors.  A co-worker in the industry (ARC) who was also a minister said: “I now pronounce you man and wife.”
Soon after, the couple had a baby who they named PAC at ARC’s recommendation. That was 10 years ago. Now baby PAC is growing up and is taking after his mother (PC) and father (PLC).
PAC isn't sure what he wants to do just yet. Work in manufacturing like his mom and dad, PAC also expanded out to utilities.  PAC may even try building automation industries in the future.
Having the positive attributes of both parents, a PLC and PC; PAC is destined to change the automation world and with the proper training of the human who use him, machines everywhere will work in harmony and live happily ever after.