Case Study: Cure Arthritis

Customer's Testimonial.

"We approached Janet of Unlimited Concepts a couple years ago for a whiteboard drawing to help raise juvenile arthritis awareness. Many people do not know that kids get arthritis, so we thought a video might help change that perception.
Janet was so receptive and eager to help that we were immediately thrilled that we had found her. The work experience together could not have been better. She delivered exactly what we asked for in a short time-frame. We were so pleased that when it came time for a second video to display our Racing For a Cure program, we knew exactly who to call."
Derek Belisie, Marketing Director
Arthritis National Research Foundation

Explainer video script:

YOU are an inspiration… whether you know it or not, YOU have the power to make a difference. If you like to walk, run, swim or bike? You can inspire and support those closest to you and the millions worldwide suffering with arthritis.
It’s time we take a stand! And together, through Racing For A Cure, we can do it! Making a difference and changing lives is never easy, but as part of the Racing For A Cure team you’ll join a family that strives to do just that!
Racing For a Cure is a team of people around the world, athletes with and without arthritis, who have come together to support arthritis research Research for arthritis and related autoimmune diseases. Diseases that affect our friends, loved ones and ourselves.
Racing For A Cure is a family… a family of people just like you, people who want to make a difference! From moms and dads walking 5k’s to elite athletes competing in Ironman events, the Racing For A Cure team welcomes everyone into our family. A family committed to finding a cure and inspiring others. You can choose any race, anytime, anywhere and we’ll be behind you to the finish!
There’s no minimum amount of money to raise and you’ll receive a team kit with a jersey, t-shirt and cure arthritis bracelets. The ONLY requirements to be part of this family are to make a difference by inspiring others, raising awareness and having fun!
Oh… and race, of course!
So… what are you waiting for? Lace up those sneakers, hop on that bike or jump in that pool and let’s get to work! We’ll see you at the finish line!
To join the team or get more details visit us at