Shweiki Media Case Study

Customer's Testimonial.

"Janet Garcia was extremely easy and efficient to work with.  She was on top of her deadlines and ended up providing us with a really cool info graphic that was exactly what we were looking for.  And on top of this, they were extremely competitive price-wise.   I highly recommend Janet if you are looking for a high quality info graphic, that is delivered fast and is competitively priced!"
David Reimherr, Vice President, Sales & Marketing 
Shweiki Media, Inc.

Explainer video script:

We’re Shweiki Media Printing Company & not only will we do a great job printing for you, but we are going to supply you with three sales tools that will help bring advertising revenue to your business!
#1 - We will give you the ability to make your advertisers’ website mobile friendly with a custom mobile website.
#2 – We will help you turn their Facebook page into a money maker,
and # 3, we will bring their ads to life with augmented reality!
So WHY businesses need a custom mobile website?
Well, Search Engine Journal says that 46% of Searchers now use mobile exclusively to research and Google says that 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results… it’s a NO-BRAINER!!! … And now you can be the ones who save the day and make their site mobile friendly!!! Try it for yourself, pull out your phone and go to your website.  Does it look like this or does it look like this!...
We can also help turn your advertiser’s Facebook page into a money maker. With our custom Facebook application, we help you create contests on your advertisers’ Facebook pages which makes their business pages fun and  increases engagement.
Our custom Facebook app can also create coupons and promotions with calls to action that drive traffic to their website.
But wait, there’s more! Our custom Facebook app collects email addresses and generates leads from Facebook, allowing them to market to their customers for years to come!