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Our Process

Our process for creating your whiteboard animations and video scribes is entertaining and fun at the same time as we apply our methods of video scribing to your message.

Project Duration:

Normally, most productions take around 4 weeks to complete (around 21 days), depending on the length of the intended video and complexity of the job. But, we have also delivered ‘rushed’ jobs in about a week.  Of course, it all depends on the project size, our current workload, and budget.
We will give you access to our online Project Management software where you will be able to track the progress of your order as well as being able to upload relevant images, logos you would like us to include as part of your whiteboard. Via the project management, you will be able to download the storyboard we will create for review and approve. All in one place to avoid missing emails or getting confuse with revisions, etc. That’s what the Project Management software is for, right?

Step by Step Production Process

Step 1: Writing Your Script

The content and storytelling are the most important aspect of your whiteboard animation video. We can either work from your script or one of our experienced copywriters will do the job for you. If you prefer to use your own scripting, we can always give our feedback for maximum impact.

Step 2: Scribing Sketches and Drawings

Once we finished writing your script or receive your own script, we will apply all our knowledge of business, Internet marketing, and communication to create sketches and drawings that will support your message. The purpose of these images help the viewer understand your message and, at the same time, to keep them engaged. We will draw the final images only after you have approved the storyboard.

Step 3: Recording Your Audio

While we work on your storyboard and the creation of the images for your video scribe video, the audio is recorded. You have the option of recording your own voice-over for more informal presentations or for when you want to deliver the message yourself to your intended audience. We have some customers who are in the Consulting business that prefers to do the voice-over themselves. For messages that require more formality, we will provide with our voice-over talent for maximum impact.

Step 4: Recording and Editing Your Video

We will start the actual production of your video scribing presentation only after you have approved the storyboard and the final look of all images that will be used for your presentation. All the images will be digitally hand-drawn on our Wacom Cintiq Monitors just as if they were drawn on the whiteboard traditionally; or they will be hand-drawn on paper traditionally and scanned to the computer to be prepare for your video scribe whiteboard.

Step 5: The Ultimate Launch Of Your Video

The video scribe or whiteboard drawing presentation is finalized. We will deliver your video as MP4, H.264 video that will be ready to upload to any video sharing sites. And if you need the video in a different format or compression, just let us know. We will provide you with a download link to your video.

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