Whiteboard Custom Designs

Why is it so important to have a whiteboard custom design?

Grabbing your audience’s attention can become a difficult task. They are bombarded with advertisement all day long: radio, TV, browsing, Facebook ads, mobile advertisement… you name it. That’s why it is so important to go one step ahead and make things a bit different.
Whiteboarding and video scribing are the most effective way to deliver your message, a new way to deliver to your audience the information they need to know about your brand or product. It’s fun to watch and addictive. People always want to know what’s going to happen next. People love stories, and even more when they are creative and fun.
We, Video Scribe Drawings, are driven to help you tell your brand’s story, in the most creative and fun way, making the experience for your audience, fun and memorable.
There is great competition out there, and many people want to do the same as we do; but only we can provide you with customized designs.  We are not talking about “cookie cuter” images that everyone else have, we are talking about custom made characters and scenes that will describe in a fun way the story about your brand, product or services.

Let us tell your story...

Let us tell your story, let us put our creativity at your service with a great whiteboard story telling or explainer.
Check out at our video style options and request your personalized quote.  We can adapt to any budget. Let us give you a hand to stand out from the rest. Let us become the difference you are looking for your business.
We are committed to do the best. Would you do the same for your brand?
Video Scribe Drawings’ Whiteboard story telling, hand crafted by artists…